FarmaCell is a high quality product, Made in Italy, and produced with high tech equipment used for manufacturing and finishing. The company employs precision quality control measures during processing and packaging, and the garments are made with high quality fabrics. Through the use of the most advanced technology the product line was created with varied compressions for the body's different problem areas, in order to obtain an effective shaping of the body.

FarmaCell has complete adherence to the skin without pinching or squeezing. There is no unsightly and uncomfortable fold because of the seamless technology. The garment is therefore perfectly suited to the body, favouring the body's normal movements and maintaining its high elasticity.

FarmaCell gently contains and shapes the stomach, hips, chest and the surrounding area through an innovative system of stitches combined with elastic threads. The garments perform pressure containment at the waist, hips and chest to shape without squeezing, which immediately gives the body a more physical, and more in-shape, look.