Farmacell 323- High Waist Capri

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Women's high-waisted push-up anti-cellulite control capri leggings
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Microfiber control capri pants with an immediate slimming effect. Instantly shapes your body and lifts the buttocks, flattens belly and smoothes the hips and thighs
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Farmacell 323
85% nylon, 15% elastane
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28 reviews for Farmacell 323- High Waist Capri

  1. DuPont Deb (verified owner)

    Love this product from Farmacell! I own several pair of the Capri style in black. They give great support … especially when on my feet all day for work.

  2. veronica silva (verified owner)

    Queda perfecta me hace lucir super delgada

  3. RaCat (verified owner)

    I wear a US Size 4. The lowest size on their “Small” in the size chart, so I didn’t think I needed to order up a size. I had a leg lift and butt lift and needed a compression garment. So. So. Tight. The fabric leaves a patterned imprint on my skin when I take it off to shower and it is tight around my stomach/waist and I had a tummy tuck previously so have a flat stomach. If you can tolerate insane tightness and are a Size 2 or 4… get the small… if you are a 6 or 8… Don’t even bother. My plastic surgeon helped me get these on initially and was cracking up because they look like little toddler pants. I can’t pull them up 100% of the way all the time so I have webbing between my legs and sometimes walk like a duck, lol. They are not sheer at all, so that’s a positive… I can wear them as regular leggings. But man it feels good to take them off in the evening. Phew.

  4. Kimberly Balado (verified owner)

    Great product…..used for a mini abdominoplasty with liposuction. Much more comfortable than anything else I’ve found! And while they do stretch quite a bit compared to what they look like when you take them out of the package, they are still on the smaller side. I ordered a small and I get it on but it takes a bit a wriggling around especially around the upper thighs. The abdomen part is fine and seems more stretchy. I think if I’d have gone with the larger size the abdomen part would’ve been too big

  5. Bronx Girl (verified owner)

    Love the way it does give you a smoothe line all the way down. Would recommend highly. very comfortable.

  6. R. S. Campbell (verified owner)

    A bit of a story here:

    I tried the V T VARITEKS post-surgical garment first. Horrible!! I am a Breast Cancer Champion, and it has been a hard road. I put on a lot of weight during chemo because of the steroids I had to take. When the time came for my first reconstructive surgery, I ordered that other brand. I should have tried them on before surgery, but I forget a lot of stuff. Chemo can do that to a girl. As such, I put them on after a week in the garment given to me in surgery. I ordered the Size XL in that other brand as per the size chart. I barely got them on past my calves. When I got those over my thighs, the seams around the vaginal cut-out acted as a tourniquet on both my legs. There was no way that I could get the snaps closed around my newly-suctioned tummy.

    So, there I am, confidence shattered, crying on the floor. Stuck. My husband had to help me take those off, and helped me back on the bed. My inner thighs were bruised for a few days, and I had to wait another week in the hospital’s surgical garment while the FARMACELL 323 Women’s high-Waisted Push-up Anti-Cellulite Control Capri Leggings arrived.

    Do NOT let yourselves be discouraged by how tough these can be to get on when they first come out of the box. That won’t happen again. Take comfort in the fact that these won’t roll down on your abdomen, and are so comfortable to wear day in and day out. I have a couple more weeks in these for this round, but more surgeries coming, and have no problem wearing these for a few more six-week stints.

    I am 6’0”, weigh around 208 lbs, wear a Size 12-14 and ordered an XXL. I would recommend these to anyone who has had to go through any type of liposuction surgery for whatever reason. They are easy to get up and down to use the bathroom, and are comfortable all day and all night. I have three pair, and wash them each day with bar soap in the shower. They easily hang dry on the towel rack. DO NOT wash in the washing machine. Why ruin your purchase. Hand wash only, and you will be good to go. Another tip: don’t accidentally put these on inside out. The ridges in the fabric help them stay up. Inside out, you will be finding a stall to correct the situation and that’s not always the most fun in a small space.

    Thank you to the manufacturer. I will be using your products again, and recommending this product to other Breast Cancer Champions who have a lot of upcoming surgeries, too.

  7. trish (verified owner)

    This is m second Farmacell product and I’m pleased. The Capri is small. I bought 2 sizes up after reading the reviews and it was perfect for giving the amount of compression I needed. I have a short torso so the high waist was too high. I was able to wear it under my workout Capri that is fitted and it was not noticeable. It actually hid my swellings very well. Pleased costumer

  8. Lance Dial (verified owner)

    This is a very comfortable pair of leggings.
    It’s very elastic.
    Show off your perfect body.

  9. Mallory (verified owner)

    These fit so well and provide a great amount of support and compression. I love them.
    ** WARNING ** If you are looking for full length compression, the long version of these are not the same, little to no compression in that version.

  10. Eva (verified owner)

    Good product. Feels good but a bit big (even in the small size).

  11. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Great compression tights & fit as expected.

  12. raffikkiz (verified owner)

    The first times it worked great been using for a month and after a few washes the material is starting to roll down. As you can see in the picture it goes on well but as soon I start moving in it, it rolls down. Don’t looks deceive you looks small but it does stretch. Gives a very smooth look. Would not wear with a dress. I have to keep pulling my shirt up to pull it up in the back only. Front seems to stay up.

  13. Julia (verified owner)

    Really well designed in comparison to other slimming products, then I looked to see where it was made and it was in Italy compared to other products made in china. Fit really well, very flattering and doesn’t give you extra rolls as with other products. Fit just as expected in size, will see how it holds up to wearing over time.

  14. Calandra Patrick (verified owner)

    Perfect. Initially it takes time to put on but it worked perfect.

  15. Andy Bolland (verified owner)

    I intentionally ordered larger but the Leggings were still too small.

  16. Kym Reed (verified owner)

    Every woman should have one of these in her wardrobes, you’ll drop at least 1 dress size if not more

  17. Faisal (verified owner)

    Good Quality thank you

  18. Michael J. Jones (verified owner)

    Perfect. Took a little old school squeezing in but once in and all adjusted fit and wore well. I did not roll or move.

  19. roslyn berkeley (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly thank you

  20. Sharon Yorke (verified owner)

    A little restrictive. Ripped after first wear. Did not have sufficient tummy hold. Okay for smoothing effect, but did not hide imperfections like cellulite.

  21. Heather Jankovich (verified owner)

    Of all the shape wear I have tried, this is by far the most comfortable and is providing the best results. I was concerned about the size since it was a small/medium, and smalls don’t typically work for me in shape wear. However, once I wiggled my way into it (inch by inch literally LOL) it is sooooo comfortable and provides a smooth sleek look- especially important when wearing leggings because shape wear that ends above the knee show bumps and bulges which no longer appear when I wear this product from the torso on down!

  22. heidi trigg (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Great quality, fit and value

  23. MzButterfly4 (verified owner)

    I love it! I’m glad that I got a XXl because some of their review said it runs small which is true. Material is thick and so comfortable I Wear it everyday and every bedtimes.

  24. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Good quality. They are thick and give support. I wore them for work out. A little work to get on but was good after.

    I bought another color. I enjoyed my purchases.

  25. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Quality is good but sadly these run smaller than what their size charts states. I ordered M/L but after trying to try them on they wouldn’t go up past my thighs. Will have to return and get next size up.

  26. Tiffany P (verified owner)

    LOVE these. The material is ridged to keep them in good condition and prevent them from ripping. You cannot see this through the material. They are very comfortable.

  27. Shnik Rhinelander (verified owner)

    I followed the size chart but could barely pull them up past my knee and was worried it I continued to force it I’d rip them. For reference I’m 5’9″, 178lbs, 38, 32, 43 and ordered the L/XL. I will say I liked the feel of the fabric but it was textured in a way that I could see it causing more friction between my garments and that being a pain down the line. Going to size up to see if it makes a difference.

  28. Cathy L. Bowman (verified owner)

    Worked great under my white capris. Took a little work to get them on but after one, I didn’t notice them on.

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Farmacell 323- High Waist Capri

Below the knee shorts in microfiber with slimming, modeling, shaping and massaging effect. The texture of the product, with coarse and smooth areas, massages and helps fighting the imperfections caused by cellulite, thanks to the continuous body movement. The graduated-pressure elastic bands guarantee a modeling and redefining push-up effect to the body. It is manufactured with a revolutionary breathable cross-hatch knitting design and an hygienic and antibacterial gusset.

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